About us

Our So Called Life is a travel and lifestyle blog written by Peter and Lauren. We’re a Scottish couple who have been together for over 10 years and love to share our tips and experiences with others.

Meet Peter

I’m a 35 year old, working full-time as a digital marketer, so more often than not you’ll find me sitting at a computer somewhere.

When I’m not sitting at a computer, I’ll usually be eating or in the gym. That’s what I spend most of my free time doing. I love to create content that really let’s people see the things that I enjoy, but also doing so to help others learn from my experiences and passions.

If you fancy a snapshot into my daily life then you’ll probably be best to follow me over on Instagram where I post mens fashion, travel, fitness and just general photography content.

Meet Lauren

Peter may be the go to guy for travel tips and information but I like to think I bring the heart (maybe even a little humour) back into our writing.

I’m Scottish and proud. A millennial 30 something and your stereotypical girls girl but as opposed to what the press may say, I don’t see those as negatives and neither should you!

I’m just your average girl, making the most of life as it is.. whilst hoping for a little excitement around the corner.

I love to travel. Documenting memories and experiences helps me to remember where I am in my journey, and where I am going. Remembering the people we are and the people that we still hope to become.

If I can provide some help and enjoyment through that, all the better!