Melt Interior

Melt Aberdeen

Do you know those videos that often pop up on Facebook or Instagram that shows you unadulterated images of hot, melted cheese which make your mouth salivate and provides its own unique source of pleasure?Well, that is the only way I know how to descr ...


Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven is one of the most widely recognised castle ruins Scotland has to offer and with over 260 Aberdeenshire castles to visit, you may wonder why this castle in Stonehaven should be so high on your list. We have written ...


Things To Do In Burano

When looking for things to do in Venice, we recommend visiting the Island of Burano (Isola di Burano) which is highly regarded as one of the most beautiful islands on the Venetian Lagoon. Only 7 kilometres (4 miles) from Venice, Burano is well kno ...

Sleeperz Hotel Room

Sleeperz Dundee Review

After a last-minute decision to visit Glasgow for some shopping, we decided to make a full weekend of it by booking ourselves a stay in the Sleeperz Hotel Dundee.If you have already read our post on the top things to do when visiting Dundee, you will ...

St Andrews Cathedral

Things To Do In St Andrews

Have you ever visited somewhere that is equally everything and nothing like you expected? Somewhere that feels comfortably familiar yet shiny and new all at once? Those were my first impressions as we drove into St Andrews. I have lived in Scotlan ...

Lokrum Views


As always, we love to plan a couple of day trips while on longer holidays and we do this as a way to experience more of the location we're visiting but also to break up the days so that they don't become too routine.I am not a sit by the pool kinda g ...


Harris Gin Distillery Tour

Scotland is world-renowned for its whisky (and of course, the drinking culture to suit), so it's nice to be writing about one of our other alcoholic contributions, the Isle of Harris gin. Gin is undoubtedly the drink of the moment. It seems there ...

The Bach

The Bach Dundee

I was very lucky to have spent my birthday with an overnight stay in Dundee this year and in a fashion that is very unlike me (as I can admittedly, be a little neurotic), I like to forgo all planning on my birthday and simply enjoy the company I am i ...

Bird and Bear Dundee

Bird And Bear Dundee

One of the toughest choices that I find when visiting a new city, is deciding where to eat. I always feel a little overwhelmed by this decision as chains can be predictable and safe but it's nice to find somewhere new and local to try and looking ...

Mornington Hotel Decor

Mornington Hotel Stockholm

Choosing which hotel to book can feel like a mammoth task and with so many options out there, where do you begin? Do you look at the area, the hotel, the room, the cost, local amenities? It can quickly become overwhelming.