Oh Norway! A country that immediately cemented itself in my heart from the moment that we arrived in Oslo.

This has probably been our shortest trip to another country, with just over 36 hours to explore.

We did as many things as we could and thankfully Oslo being quite a small capital city it meant that we got to see plenty.

If you’re planning on going then here’s all of the things to do in Oslo.

Things like the Oslo Opera House just took your breath away as you stand there looking over the Norwegian fjords.

There are so many reasons that you should visit Oslo and here are some of our top picks for a short trip to this Scandinavian capital.

Norway is probably one of the more expensive places that we’ve visited and we found that staying in an AirBnB was the most budget friendly way to book accommodation in Oslo.

If you want to book an Airbnb then you can get £25 off your first booking through our link.
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