Luggage Storage in Edinburgh City Centre

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When you’re visting Edinburgh, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be arriving with some sort of luggage that you really don’t want to be carrying them about with you as you explore in the time before you check into your hotel or after you’ve checked out.

That’s where Left Luggage storage comes into play and there’s quite a few options in Edinburgh.

So if you’re asking yourself where you can store luggage in Edinburgh, we’ve got you.

Edinburgh Bus Station Left Luggage

One of the most central luggage storage options in Edinburgh are the lockers at the Bus Station which can be found just behind the new St James Quarter up near the Leith end of Princes Street.

Inside the station, you’ll find a good number of lockers of varying sizes as well as a limited number of lockers for extra large luggage storage.

These are quite popular and can be snapped up quickly, so be sure to get in there early if you can and remember that the bus station is not open 24 hours.

Latest prices

£8 small, £10 medium, £12 large for each 12 hour period

Extra large luggage lockers are available for £15 and £20 for each 12 hour period and are available on a limited basis.

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Edinburgh Waverly Station Left Luggage

Another main transport hub for the city and probably one of the main places that you’ll be arriving into or out of when coming to Edinburgh is the Waverly Train station.

Although there are no unmanned lockers in the station, there are manned options via the Excess Baggage Company who allow you to book in advance as well as just turning up. This means that you can guarantee you’ll be able to store your luggage here if you’re a little more prepared.

Storage here can range from a few hours right up to a few weeks if necessary.

There’s no minimum commitment and you just pay for the time that you require.

It’s important to note that the opening hours here are much shorter than the bus station and it’s only open from 8am to 9pm all week.

You can find these lockers at the Calton Road Entrance of the station on Platform 2.

Latest Prices

Items are charged on an individual basis for the amount of time that you are looking to store them.

Prices start at £7 per item all the way up to £30 for 72 hours. Any time period longer than 72 hours will incur a £7.50 per day charge.

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Via Radical Storage

Radical Storage is a relatively new platform, but is similar to an AirBNB for luggage storage.

Many local shops in the city have signed up to the scheme which allows you to store your luggage in various areas around the city.

At the time of writing, there are 24 locations in Edinburgh where you can leave your luggage.

Exact locations aren’t revealed until after you have signed up and paid, but a map does give you an approximate location.

There are also reviews left by other users so you can see how other experiences have been.

Latest prices

At the time of writing this post, Radical Storage charge £5 per bag per day. It’s important to note that if your booking spans two days, you will be charged for two days, even if it’s under 24 hours.

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Your Hotel

A lot of the time your accommodation will have the ability to leave your luggage which is usually free and the best option if you are staying centrally.

This isn’t always the most convenient option which is why the other options above exist, but our recommendation would always be to try asking your accommodation first and foremost.

Failing that, hopefully some of the above options can lighten the load for you.

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