Z Hotel Glasgow Review

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On a recent visit to Glasgow, we decided to try somewhere different to stay setting ourselves a challenge of finding something that was affordable, central and still had a boutique hotel feeling.

That’s where we found The Z Hotel in Glasgow.

Situated on Frederick Street, making it just a stones throw from both Queen Street Railway station and the Buchanan Bus Station it was the perfect choice when it came to ticking the “central” requirement.

The next thing was the price and with an internal room with no windows costing just £55 for a Saturday night stay, we were sold.

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When we stay overnight in a city, the reality is that the time we spend in our room is minimal, so having no window wasn’t a big deal to us and usually comes with the benefit of a darker sleeping environment and being quieter due to not hearing passing cars in the street outside.

We arrived at our hotel on a typically rainy Scottish morning at around 11am, although check-in wasn’t until 3 and the first thing we noticed was just how welcoming and warm the reception area was.

The heaters were on full blast which was very much appreciated, stepping in on a cold and rainy winters day.

We had gone straight to the hotel with the hope that we could leave our luggage with them until check-in to save us dragging it around the city all day. They were more than happy to oblige in allowing us to do this, with no extra fee.

After a few hours wandering around the nearby Barras market and the Necropolis, we came back for check-in to drop our camera and just rest our feet for a while. This was something we were super appreciative of the central location of the hotel for. Being able to pop back without feeling like it was much of a detour from our normal path was excellent.

The Room

As we mentioned before, the room that we chose was the indoor windowless room which came in at £55 for the night.

Room at Z Hotel Glasgow

It’s nothing special, but it has everything that you need for a comfortable night sleep.

The majority of the room is taken up by a large and very comfortable double bed whilst the shower and toilet area is sectioned off by some half frosted glass walls.

Now if you’re perhaps more of the shy type, then I’m not sure that this would be ideal for you. The frosted glass really isn’t the most privacy friendly setup and due to it only being 3/4 of the way up the glass, anyone taller than 5′ 9″ standing up can quite easily see through the clearer section.

With that in mind, make sure you’re comfortable with the person you’re sharing your room with.

There are some complimentary toiletries which is always handy and saves you packing your own.

Drinks at Z Hotel

As the day went on and following heading out for dinner, it was time to settle in for the night. That’s where the drink making facilities came in handy, with teabags, coffee, decaf coffee and hot chocolate sachets were very welcomed. It seemed like they’d covered all bases with the selection available.

The room was cosy and allowed us to completely control the temperature through the air conditioning control panel by the door.

Now I’m not one to sleep solidly through the night without having to get up to the toilet and this is perhaps where my first negative appeared. The light switch for the bathroom is situated right by the door, which means a scramble through an unfamiliar room in the dark, to find the right switch also risking turning on the main room lights.

Quite the gamble.

Otherwise, our sleep was pretty sound with Lauren saying that it was the best sleep that she’d had in a while and that the matress although firm, was great.

There was a bit of noise early in the morning, but I think it was just someone in the next room opening and closing the door a few times. That’s the only noise that we heard, the rest of the time it was very very quiet.

Check out was at 11am and we were down and ready to check out long before this as we wanted to head for breakfast.

We were again allowed to leave baggage at the hotel because we weren’t getting the Flixbus back to Aberdeen until later on in the afternoon, so that just provided more bonus points for this all round great budget hotel.

All in all, a really great experience with little to no downsides and somewhere that we’ll definitely be returning to.

If you’re looking for no frills comfort when staying overnight in Glasgow, then you can do no wrong in choosing to stay at The Z Hotel.

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