Things To Do In Arbroath

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Arbroath, a captivating seaside town in Angus, Scotland, is widely recognized for its famous Arbroath Smokie and its deep-seated history.

Here’s a curated list of attractions and activities for those visiting the town:

Arbroath Abbey

Established in 1178, this monumental abbey is the birthplace of the Declaration of Arbroath signed in 1320. The informative visitor center elucidates the relevance of this event to Scotland’s past.

Arbroath Cliffs

Experience a breathtaking coastal walk with panoramic views. Keep an eye out for local wildlife – seabirds, seals, and if you’re lucky, dolphins.

Arbroath Harbour

An idyllic location boasting magnificent views of the North Sea, perfect for a tranquil walk. Take a look at the town’s lifeboat during your visit.

Signal Tower Museum

Nestled near the harbor, the museum provides a deep dive into the town’s naval history, highlighting its contribution to the Bell Rock Lighthouse construction.

Bell Rock Lighthouse

While it isn’t directly accessible from Arbroath, this iconic lighthouse stands 11 miles offshore. It can be viewed from the cliffs, or opt for a boat tour for a closer look.

Arbroath Smokie

Your visit won’t be complete without savoring this local specialty. This smoked haddock can be procured from several local stores.

Kerr’s Miniature Railway

As the oldest miniature railway in Scotland, it’s a fantastic choice for families with young children.

St Vigeans Museum

Situated just outside Arbroath, this museum hosts a collection of intricately carved Pictish stones.

Hospitalfield House

This historical building doubles as an arts center, regularly showcasing exhibitions, hosting workshops, and organizing events.

Arbroath FC

Soccer enthusiasts should consider a trip to Gayfield Park, the home turf of Arbroath FC, fondly known as the ‘Red Lichties.’ It could be an exciting way to spend an afternoon.

Have a splendid time exploring Arbroath!

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