How to get from Edinburgh to Inverness

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When visiting Scotland, one of the most popular locations to fly into is Edinburgh Airport, but it’s not often the end destination on your journey.

Lots of people are looking to get from Edinburgh to Inverness when planning their trip, but often times it can leave a lot more questions than give you answers, so we’re going to try and make it as easy as possible to provide you with the best way to travel from Edinburgh to Inverness and the different transport options available to visitors.

Many people wonder if Inverness is a city worth visiting and we think that it definitely should be on your list if you’re visiting Scotland and have some time to explore.

By Train

One of the easiest ways to get from Edinburgh to Inverness for those of you who aren’t driving or perhaps are apprehensive to drive is by Train.

Leaving from Edinburgh Waverley station in the centre of Edinburgh, You can get a direct train that takes you up through the Highlands and Cairngorm National park with zero changes.

This takes around 3 hrs 30 minutes and prices can start from as low as £18 for an adult single depending on when you travel.

You are best to book this in advance to get the best prices on offer and you don’t need to pay any extra for luggage allowances on Scottish trains.

Most trains also offer free wi-fi and have both USB and UK mains sockets for charging your devices. I’ll be honest though, these can sometimes be hit or miss and the wi-fi isn’t the most reliable when travelling out of populated areas so don’t expect to be able to binge too much Netflix on the way up.

Spend some time just staring out the window at the beautiful Scottish scenery.

By Car

If you already own a car or are arriving and thinking about hiring a car at the airport, then driving to Inverness is pretty easy.

Important reminder

In Scotland, please remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road

Leaving Edinburgh you want to head towards the Forth Road bridge and drive the M90 until you reach Perth.

Once in Perth, you’ll see signage for the A9 to Inverness and that’s where you head off and drive pretty much straight up to Inverness cutting through the highlands.

This also takes around 3 hrs and 30 minutes depending on traffic.

Be aware that there’s a lot of wildlife on this road and it’s not uncommon to have Deer jump out of the trees in front of you, so always be cautious, especially if you’re not familiar with driving in the UK.

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By Bus

Another great and budget-friendly method of getting from Edinburgh to Inverness is by Bus.

The best option and the most direct route would be to go with either Megabus or Citylink.

Both of these can be booked in advance for the best prices and they allow you to take one piece of hold luggage with you. You can book to take extra luggage if you need to at an added cost.

The bus takes around 4 hours and is a relatively comfortable journey with onboard toilet facilities, wi-fi and charging ports.

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