9 of the Best Hotels in Anstruther

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Nestled along the rugged eastern coast of Scotland, Anstruther beckons as a quaint harbour town rich with maritime charm and history.

Known for its winding cobbled streets and picturesque stone cottages, Anstruther is a serene escape from the hustle of modern life.

As you wander along the bustling harbour, the town’s pride becomes evident: the Anstruther Fish Bar, renowned far and wide for serving what many claim to be the best fish and chips in Scotland.

This culinary gem, set against the backdrop of bobbing boats and the sweeping North Sea, offers a taste experience that encapsulates the essence of this Scottish haven.

Join us as we delve into the best accommodation options in Anstruther, for exploring its scenic beauty, storied past, and, of course, tasting the legendary fish and chips that have become a symbol of this charming coastal retreat.

The Waterfront

Nestled by the sea, The Waterfront is not just a guest house; it’s an experience.

Wake up to the sound of waves and enjoy a high-standard breakfast menu.

Its waterfront location and comfortable, family-friendly layout make it a favourite.

Don’t miss out on their exceptional fish and chips!

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Brackness House Luxury B&B

For a sprinkle of luxury, Brackness House welcomes you with a delicious breakfast, spacious rooms, and a beautiful garden.

Unwind in the charming communal areas or enjoy a quiet evening at the honesty bar.

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The Bank – Anstruther

With its stunning seafront views, The Bank is a blend of comfort and elegance.

The hotel is famed for its friendly staff, diverse breakfast menu, and a popular restaurant that’s a hit among locals and travellers alike.

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Spindrift Guesthouse

A homely charm permeates the Spindrift Guesthouse.

It’s known for its warm atmosphere, delightful homemade treats, and beautifully decorated lounge.

The hosts are attentive, ensuring your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable.

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Silverdyke Park

If you’re in the mood for something closer to nature, Silverdyke Park offers a serene setting with beautiful sea views and spacious pitches.

It’s an ideal base for exploring the Fife coast.

Murray Library Hostel

Murray Library Hostel is perfect for budget travellers seeking comfort and convenience.

It offers a big kitchen, a cosy library/dayroom, and all the essentials for a comfortable stay.

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The Boathouse Hotel

Positioned at the harbourfront, The Boathouse offers beautiful views and friendly staff.

The seafood dishes are a must-try, and the rooms provide a cosy, clean, and comfortable retreat.

The Royal Hotel

Right at the heart of Anstruther, The Royal Hotel is known for its friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and delicious breakfast.

Enjoy the charming pub and the welcoming atmosphere.

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Kia Ora Guest House

Last but not least, Kia Ora Guest House is a testament to Scottish hospitality.

The hosts, Graeme and Debbie, ensure that your stay is nothing short of spectacular, with immaculate rooms and superb service.

As you plan your trip to Anstruther, consider these top-rated hotels for an unforgettable stay.

Don’t forget to check the latest prices and availability before you book. Safe travels!

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