10 of the best Eco-Friendly Stays in Scotland

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Scotland, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich history, also boasts a variety of eco-friendly accommodations for the environmentally conscious traveler.

This guide highlights some of the best eco-lodges across the country, offering a unique blend of sustainability and comfort.

Knoydart House & Knoydart Hide

Nestled in Inverie in the Scottish Highlands, Knoydart House & Hide provides an eco-friendly stay with stunning views. Both are powered by solar panels and a hydro scheme, offering a true off-grid experience. With their cozy interiors and private hot tubs overlooking Loch Nevis, these accommodations are perfect for stargazers and nature lovers.

Check prices and availability for your sustainable getaway at Knoydart House & Hide.

Croft 103

Located in the Scottish Highlands, Croft 103 consists of two eco-friendly properties: Hill Cottage and Shore Cottage. Built using local materials and powered by wind turbines and solar collectors, these cottages offer a serene escape with breathtaking sea loch and mountain views.

Discover more and book your stay at Croft 103.

Eagle Brae

Eagle Brae, in the heart of the Highlands, offers carbon-neutral holidays in self-sufficient cabins. These lodges use micro-hydro schemes for electricity and wood-pellet burners for heating, providing a perfect blend of rustic charm and eco-conscious living.

Experience Eagle Brae by checking availability here.

Arcadia Glamping

Close to Loch Lomond, Arcadia Glamping offers luxury eco-lodges, powered entirely by green energy. Their cabins feature outdoor baths and chimineas, making them ideal for an intimate, eco-friendly retreat.

Plan your glamping adventure at Arcadia Glamping.

The Brochs of CoiGach

The Brochs of CoiGach are unique eco-lodges that blend seamlessly into the Scottish landscape. Built with recycled materials and designed with wildlife in mind, these lodges offer a unique experience where you might hear sheep grazing on the grass-covered roofs.

Explore The Brochs of CoiGach and book your stay.

The Machrie Hotel & Golf Links

On the Isle of Islay, The Machrie Hotel & Golf Links offers a sustainable stay with its eco-friendly design and organic kitchen garden. This hotel is a perfect choice for those looking to combine luxury with responsible tourism.

Check out The Machrie for a sustainable luxury experience.

The Torridon

In Wester Ross, The Torridon holds multiple eco-certifications and offers a variety of outdoor activities. With its commitment to sustainability, it’s a great spot for eco-conscious travelers seeking adventure.

Book your eco-friendly adventure at The Torridon.

Rufflets Hotel

As Scotland’s first carbon-neutral hotel, Rufflets in St Andrews offers luxury accommodation with a focus on sustainability. This hotel is perfect for eco-conscious golf enthusiasts and luxury seekers.

Reserve your room at Rufflets Hotel.

The Isle of Eriska Hotel

Located on a private island in Argyll, The Isle of Eriska Hotel is recognized for its eco-friendly initiatives. The hotel combines luxury and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an exclusive, green retreat.

Experience the unique Isle of Eriska Hotel.

Colliabus, Islay

These eco-lodges on the Isle of Islay feature turfed roofs and an eco-chic design. Colliabus offers modern amenities including a sauna and hot tub, perfect for a relaxing, eco-conscious vacation.

Find out more about Colliabus and book your stay.

Each of these lodges offers a unique way to experience Scotland’s natural beauty while staying committed to environmental sustainability.

Whether you’re seeking a remote, off-grid experience or luxurious eco-friendly accommodations, Scotland’s green lodges cater to all preferences​

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