How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Scottish Gaelic (With Phonetics)

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How hard is it to learn Scottish Gaelic? Personally, I think that learning Scottish Gaelic can be really difficult, especially if you are attempting to do some distance learning courses without the opportunity to hear people speak it frequently.

But don’t let that put you off because this is why I want to offer some free online videos which can help you begin to learn Gaelic!

These classes are aimed at those absolute beginners interested in trying a new language, those who are looking to learn with their children or those looking to refresh their memory on some of the basics.

Gàidhlig is a language that I am very passionate about and I want to make it as accessible as possible for those at a beginner level!

I was born in the Western Isles but grew up in Aberdeen so I have a mix of both East and West coast Gaelic language.

With that in mind, there may be some words that you hear speakers say slightly differently because dialects are still a thing, even among Gaelic speakers.

But I always think the best way to learn Scottish Gaelic is to watch someone else speaking Gaelic and to have the opportunity to listen to it at your own pace, which is why I have added phonetics in all of my videos to help you with the pronunciation of the words.

These phonetics are based on the sounds of the words as they are spoken, rather than the sound of the words as they are written, which I hope is of some benefit to you in your learning of Scottish Gaelic as learning to speak Gaelic can often be tricky with many silent letters and different sounds to remember.

So, if you are thinking of visiting Scotland, you live in Scotland or you are a big Outlander fan or you are interested in learning Gaelic words, phrases and pronunciation and you are looking to learn Scottish Gaelic online and quite rightly, learn Scottish Gaelic free, please subscribe to my Youtube channel and join our little community.

I would love to help anyone looking to learn some Scottish Gaelic and hope that this will be a welcome addition to the Gaelic/Gaidhlig videos already out there!

How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Scottish Gaelic (With Phonetics)

It’s no wonder that this is my most requested phrase to translate.

Learn how to tell that special someone that you love them in Scottish Gaelic!

Tha gaol agam ort – I love you


  1. Thank you. I am just over half Scottish and my great-grandparents neglected to teach my grandparents Gaelic for two reasons. One, English was taking over so they didn’t see the point, and two they wanted a secret language to converse in. This has left me feeling like I’ve been denied a part of my heritage. So thank you for making a series to help revive Gaelic.

    1. Scottish Gaelic really took a downturn and none of my family members who were born between the 70s to the 90s learnt it. Although many of the words and sounds are familiar from growing up and hearing others speak it, they are now attending classes to learn themselves!

      I suspect this is a recurring theme. It may be a difficult language to learn as you don’t hear it spoken often but it is incredible that you want to!

      Make sure to check out the free Duolingo app if possible, which teaches basic Scottish Gaelic words and sentences!

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