Scottish Gaelic How To Say I Love You.. (With Phonetics)

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Perhaps you are thinking of visiting Scotland, you live in Scotland or you are a big Outlander fan and you are interested in learning some Scottish Gaelic words, phrases, sayings and pronunciation. Scottish Gaelic is a language that I am very passionate about and I was to make it as accessible as possible for beginners!

I have started a new playlist on Youtube to help those with no experienceLearn Scottish Gaelic

How to say ‘I love you..’ in Scottish Gaelic (with phonetics)

This is one of the things I am asked to translate most often when people find out that I can speak Scottish Gaelic.


I love you – Tha gaol agam ort


I would love for you to join me in learning more about Scottish Gaelic and hope that you will follow for future bitesize videos.



I was born in the Western Isles but grew up in Aberdeen so I have an East/West coast Gaelic language hybrid going on.

Dialects are a thing, even in Gaelic.

I have decided to start a new section to my channel which will focus on learning Scottish Gaelic (with phonetics) to help you with the Scottish Gaelic pronunciation as there are a lot of silent letters which can trip people up when learning.

I would love to help anyone looking to learn some Scottish Gaelic and hope this will be a welcome addition to the Gaelic/Gaidhlig videos already out there!

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