Easy White Chocolate Fudge Recipe!

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This has to be one of the easiest fudge recipes that I can show you!

There are only four ingredients, three if you choose not to use the vanilla extract but I like to think that it enhances the flavour of the white chocolate.

Personally, I am not a huge lover of white chocolate but I do have a soft spot for the Nestlé Milky Bar which is what I chose to use here but feel free to use whatever kind you might prefer.

I found that this fudge tasted much better and firmer after a night in the fridge. Don’t worry though, it will be ready, although perhaps a much softer fudge if you are running short of time and it is left to chill for only a couple of hours.

It is yes, very sweet, as you would expect but it is also absolutely delicious and sure to go down a treat!

This will definitely be my new go to for quick and easy fudge gifting!

White Chocolate Fudge Recipe


Makes: 40+ pieces
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 15 mins
Total time: 2 hours 25 mins (2 hour rest time)


  • 450g White chocolate
  • 1 tin Condensed milk (397g)
  • 30g Unsalted butter
  • 1tsp Vanilla extract


  • Scales
  • Large saucepan
  • Wooden spoon/Spatula
  • 8″ Square baking tin


    • Parchment paper


  1. Add your 450g white chocolate, full tin of condensed milk, 1tsp vanilla extract and 30g unsalted butter to your saucepan before placing on a low to medium heat.Break your chocolate into small pieces, this will help it melt quicker.
  2. Stir away gently until all the ingredients have melted together to form a smooth consistency.
  3. Once your mix is smooth, take it off the heat.The mix should begin to thicken under your spoon.
  4. Once you have removed your pan from the heat, allow the mix to cool for around 15 minutes.It should begin to form a skin in that time.
  5. Then, you want to mix with your spatula or wooden spoon until the mix thickens and loses a bit of its sheen.If the mixture still feels too hot, place your saucepan in a basin or pan of cold water, this will cool it down as you mix.

    This should only take 1 minute or so.

  6. Once the fudge mixture has has thickened and lost its gloss, you want to add your mix to your square baking tin and smooth it out to cover all the edges.I like to use the back of the spoon as best I can to achieve a smooth surface on top.
  7. Now, you can either pop your fudge into the refrigerator to chill or leave it to sit at room temperature.It should take around 2 hours but I tend to leave this overnight.
  8. Cut into round 1″ squares.Enjoy!

White Chocolate Fudge Recipe


Store in an airtight container.

This fudge should keep for 1-2 weeks at room temperature.

If refrigerated, fudge can last 2-3 weeks.

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White Chocolate Fudge Recipe
White Chocolate Fudge Recipe
White Chocolate Fudge Recipe

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  1. I love your blog and am super excited to try this white chocolate fudge. Do you think using a milky bar for the white chocolate would work? I find it melts so much more evenly than white chocolate chips or bark seem to do for me anyway. Anyways! Cheers from New Zealand!

  2. Oh my. I made your recipe today, it’s still firming up in the fridge but I tried it at the gooey stage and the flavour was quite simply, banging, I also don’t like white chocolate so that’s a pretty big statement. Question; can I swap the white chocolate for milk chocolate for variety/aesthetics purposes? I’d like to make both to bag up for gifts..Or would that have an effect on the recipe?

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