CitizenM Glasgow Review

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If you’re planning on a visit to Glasgow any time soon and need somewhere to stay then you should definitely consider looking at the CitizenM hotel on Renfrew Street.

Being frequent visitors to the city whether it’s for shopping, music concerts or just a change of scenery, the CitizenM is now almost the only place that we’ll choose to stay should we be able to get a room.

Where is CitizenM in Glasgow?

Location-wise, I don’t think you could find a better-placed hotel if you’re looking for somewhere to stay that’s right in the middle of the city centre.

Just a short 30-second walk and you’re on Sauchiehall Street, one of the main shopping streets in Glasgow and just a few minutes more to Buchanan Galleries shopping centre and Buchanan Street.

This makes it the perfect place for us when we’re looking to visit to do some Christmas shopping in Glasgow and need somewhere that allows us to just come back to the room after a long day shopping, throw our bags down and just collapse onto the bed.

Although there is also no on-site free parking, there is a multi-storey car park just along the street where you get a discount if you’re staying at the hotel.

Just make sure that you tell the team at reception and let them stamp your parking ticket before you leave.

Checking in

I honestly, don’t think that we’ve had an easier check-in process anywhere else in comparison to CitizenM.

You literally walk into the main reception area and using one of the six touchscreens you check in by filling in your reservation number and surname. Pop a card against a reader to activate it and that’s it.

Your room number is shown on the screen and I think printed on a receipt and away you go.

Super simple, but don’t worry if you do need a bit of extra help there’s always a staff member on hand to give you a hand.

The Facilities

The CitizenM isn’t a family hotel and it doesn’t try to be.

Rooms are available as singles or doubles only and there are no family options available, so if you’re looking to book somewhere with young children this probably isn’t the place for you.

The rooms are very intimate and compact but extremely functional, so if minimalism is your thing then you’re in good hands.

The wall-to-wall beds are positioned next to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows giving you views over the city skyline if you are nearer the top of the seven-storey building. The beds themselves are also incredibly large and almost square shaped so if you’re one of these people who like to move around a lot in your sleep, you’ll probably never find yourself almost falling off the edge.

Storage in the room comes in a few large under-the-bed pull-out drawers and a hanger area over by the door and full-length mirror.

Also in the main living area of the room are a desk, and iPad which controls almost every aspect of the room including the tv and mood lighting. Yes, the lights can be any colour your want with the touch of a button.

The television also comes with a great selection of on-demand movies with quite a lot of the latest releases. There’s also a completely free *ahem* category. Hopefully, you get my drift.

You’ll also find the sink area in the main room opposite the bathroom pod.

I call it the bathroom pod because that’s exactly what it is.

A frosted pod that houses the toilet and shower area.

Although the shower is frosted, you can still see a silhouette of the person using it when sitting on the bed. Keep that in mind if you’re more of the shy type.

That’s pretty much all that you’ll find in the room and to be honest it’s all that you really need from a hotel room.

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The rest of the hotel

On the first floor of the hotel, you’ll find the bar/restaurant area where you can grab something to eat and drink, although with the central location of the CitizenM you have a whole world of different food options should you be looking for something to eat at a reasonable time.

Also, I think that if you’ve reserved your room online and you’ve signed up for becoming a “Citizen” then I’m pretty sure you get a couple of free drinks at the bar with your stay, may be worth double-checking this is still a thing, oh and you get 10% off all your bookings.

Walking past all the funky-shaped furniture and chill-out areas where you can grab a book or magazine, there’s a table of iMacs which are free for you to use and has access to free printer facilities, so if you end up forgetting to print out those all-important gig tickets before you make your way to the city – CitizenM come to the rescue.

The hotel also is a great place for business purposes too with a bunch of meeting rooms and desks for you to meet with clients although I’ve never used them, they look pretty handy and can be booked to include food and beverages should you be holding an extended meeting over the course of a full day and at pretty reasonable prices too.

Round Up

The CitizenM is by far my favourite hotel that I’ve found in Glasgow and they have a whole bunch of other locations including London and Paris to name a few.

The reason that I like this place so much is the convenience and the comfort as well as the price, where we can quite often grab a room for around £60 a night.

The blackout blinds do a great job of shutting out any bit of light that could potentially be trying to get into the room and paired with the comfortable and huge bed it’s easy to see why so many people love this place.

Book your next trip to Glasgow with a stay at the CitizenM and don’t forget to let us know how your trip was.

CitizenM Glasgow

60 Renfrew St,

G2 3BW.

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