Giraffe World Kitchen Review

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I am a big fan of the food at Giraffe World Kitchen and sometimes finding the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together, away from the house, is just what we need to relax. 

We often see the portrayal of happy families sitting around the dinner table, meal times bringing people back together. We’re told that kitchens are the hub of any good home but sometimes when life is overwhelming (which it can frequently seem), you just need to take a step away.

Take time out, remove yourself from the daily grind of work, study, commute, gym, cook, clean, TV (for us it’s working on the blog) and let someone else take care of you so that you can regroup.

Now, it’s safe to say that Peter and I fall into this routine during the week. Of course, we converse and we do the odd thing together but there is always a distraction. We’re always tired. Irritable. There is always something that needs to be done. We spend time together without spending time together if you know what I mean.

So I really appreciate those nights that we go out for a meal. No distractions. We talk, reconnect, discussing our weeks, our goals and our ambitions. Sounds a little cringey, doesn’t it? But it’s important and I think it’s a big part of why we ‘work’. Making the time to remove yourself from the daily stresses of life, having a weight lifted off your shoulders, even if only for a couple of hours and just being you.

I’m not sure if it’s the dimmed lights, the quiet murmurs of surrounding diners or simply the delicious food on offer that keeps us coming back, but Giraffe World Kitchen creates an atmosphere that we love in times that, we need to feel a little loved.

On the other hand, I have visited Giraffe World Kitchen during the day as part of some very large groups and it is a very fun, family-friendly restaurant, with loud music and again with inviting menu offerings for children as well as adults.

They have really bridged that gap between the two demographics to be an all-around people pleaser.

Giraffe World Kitchen don’t limit themselves to serving one particular cuisine, instead filling their menus with some of the best dishes and flavours from around the world.

When visiting this time, we wanted to try something different so we chose some of the tapas to start – I highly, highly recommend these for a starter, lunch or main. Peter particularly liked the hummus, but for me (having a sweet tooth), I was all about the yaki gyozas! They were delicious.

For the main, I took the server’s recommendation and went for the katsu chicken noodles while Peter decided to go all American with the rib. When we go to Giraffe World Kitchen we are usually creatures of habit and tend to stick to the same meals (I love a Kati roll and Peter loves the chicken Malay curry) so we really wanted to try something different for a change.

It paid off, the katsu chicken noodles were very tasty. I love the peanut flavour so that is always a winner for me, but along with the noodles and bok choy, it made for a refreshing take on the dish as I tend to have it served with rice.

For Peter, the rib was oh so tender. Fall off the bone tender. Although not his usual choice, he was very pleasantly surprised and meat, chips and onion rings are a fail-safe winner. A great meal option, especially for those who prefer to eat food they know.

Giraffe World Kitchen do have vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, which sound great to me. I have tried the Indo-Coco Curry (Potato & chickpea curry served with hot sambal sauce and basmati rice) a couple of times before. A meal that I find really hearty and warming on a cold day.

For dessert, I love the cheesecake at Giraffe World Kitchen. I always choose the cheesecake.  Their white chocolate and passion fruit cheesecake just tastes incredible. It is so fluffy and light, and it’s not the texture of cheesecake that I am familiar with. It really melts in the mouth.

And Peter, well he’ll pick anything with bananas so it was a banana waffle split for him.

Once again, we had a really lovely meal experience at Giraffe. So lovely that I had to share it with you.

I would love to know what it is that soothes your soul. Are you like us, is it food, or do you find another way to cool off? 


Fresh Lemonade with Mint

Mango Mama ‘Mango, strawberry, banana, orange, apple juice’


Baked Topped Hummus ‘Baked hummus, topped with spicy beef, cumin seeds and yoghurt. Served with toasted flatbread.’

Yaki Gyozas ‘Fried chicken dumplings with orange & miso glaze. Served with nuoc cham sweet chilli sauce.’


Katsu Chicken Noodles ‘Breaded chicken and noodles in a mild peanut & coconut sauce, with bok choy, tenderstem broccoli and wok-fried vegetables’

Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs ‘Pork in a sweet smoky BBQ sauce served with creamy slaw & skin on fries.’


White Chocolate & Passion Fruit Cheesecake ‘Drizzled with fresh passion fruit’

Banana Waffle Split ‘Cinnamon banana served warm on a waffle. With vanilla ice cream and plenty of toffee sauce’

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