Glamis Castle

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Scotland is known for its castles and nestled in the countryside of Angus is one that is steeped in history.

The picturesque village of Glamis, just north of nearby Dundee, is home to Glamis Castle (it’s pronounced Glaahms and not Glam-iss as I was saying it). Glamis Castle has been home to members of the Royal Family including one of my faves, HRH Queen Elizabeth The Queen mother, is the birthplace of Princess Margaret and was also inspiration for Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Steeped, I tell ya!

Driving through Glamis you’ll find plenty of individually quaint houses, such as the below, that firstly make me feel like a giant in my full 5’2 stature. Wild, I know. And secondly, make me want to pin and ‘gram the heck out of it!

Traditional Cottages in Glamis
White Cottages with Thatched Roof in Glamis

It’s beautiful. There is something about it that doesn’t feel Scottish, yet feels entirely Scottish all at once.

And that’s before you come to the castle entrance. You drive down this long straight road for what would feel like an eternity if you didn’t first notice all the cows. But you notice all these cows in the vast and open grassy areas around you, and then you notice there are no fences! And to be honest, I don’t even think they looked at us but it was surprising to see.

Once you reach the end of the road (not literally) you are met with all the grandeur of Glamis Castle. Again, it’s beautiful and with turrets and towers and gardens and grounds it would be easy to get lost in all it’s beauty and only experience the superficial wonders of it.

Glamis Castle in Angus

But the truly wonderful thing about Glamis Castle is that they still consider it very much a family home, something they show to the public time and time again. They hold workshops, open air cinema viewings (The Greatest Showman coming up!) Halloween fright nights and Christmas markets. This isn’t your average been there, done that, tick off the list castle.

You can get married at Glamis Castle, you can rent accommodation (with heated swimming pool) or you can just go for coffee. Whatever you go for, just go!

We’re doing a little tour of Scotland at the moment, visiting places we haven’t yet seen or have so far taken for granted in the hopes to show some different perspectives to the usual haunts! And also because, why not? We love Scotland. We live here and a lot of these places are on our doorstep.

Country home in Glamis, Scotland

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