Hatchet Harry’s Aberdeen

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Hatchet Harrys are the first UK indoor axe throwing facility! I believe it started off as a solely outdoor range but over the past couple of years, they have opened indoor facilities in Newcastle, Liverpool, Glasgow and now, here in Aberdeen!

This is the kind of place that in my head, I think ‘Ooh yeah, I’d love that… I think I’d be quite good at it’ and then as the time came ever closer, I started thinking ‘Oh no, I’m not sure how I feel about going’.

Hatchet Harrys Aberdeen

It sounds fun, it’s a little bit different but also, axes… do you know what I mean?

Anyway, with my confidence ever waning, we made our way down to the venue in Aberdeen to try out some urban axe throwing!

Axe Throwing Aberdeen

You can find it in the arches by Union Square, I think this is a great location for something like this and I would love to see more businesses open up in this area!

We arrived a little early, unsure whether there was anything required of us. We were kindly welcomed at the door and directed towards the front desk, whereupon introduction, we were asked to check-in using some tablets and then we had to sign a waiver. Of course, this is standard, nothing unusual there.

Inside Hatchet Harrys

A couple of minutes before our session began, we spent a little time walking around the facility and having a quick look at what was to come. It’s very bare but it’s exactly what you would expect.

There are a number of lanes, each with 2 boards so you can throw in tandem with others in your group. You don’t need to worry about being front and centre if it’s not your thing.

We were met by the instructors and assigned our guide, Gregor. All of the instructors seemed very friendly and appeared to get on really well, so there was a very jokey, jovial working atmosphere while remaining completely professional.

This is great for putting your mind at ease, you won’t be told off for doing anything wrong or made to feel silly or picked on at all. Whatever your ability, just relax and do what you can do.

Each session is 90 minutes long so we started by getting a feel for the sport and throwing the axe before we were then shown some techniques and trick shots that could then be attempted.

Hatchet Harrys Aberdeen

Honestly, I tried a little but then I let my anxiety overtake and I didn’t feel comfortable completing the class myself (I also didn’t take my glasses.. whether or not that was a subconscious yet intentional move, I don’t know), although I will make clear that this was nothing to do with the process or the class itself.

I didn’t feel good that day and I let those feelings cloud my mind which is never helpful, especially with axe in hand, so I did decide to step back and instead, took plenty of photos and videos of my friend who was doing incredibly well. Exceedingly well, in fact. Because if he were ever to be a natural at anything, I don’t think we would have suspected axe throwing to be it but let that be a lesson to you! Give it a go!

Personally, I have no regrets about stepping back, I tried it and when I wanted to stop, I stopped and that’s fine. And in reality, I think it gave my friend more opportunity to have fun in trying some different and more challenging shots, even competing with another instructor, Louise.

There were so many types of shots that he got the chance to try and 90 minutes is a long time, so I have no doubt that his arms were tired by the end of it!

To be honest, I just really enjoyed being a spectator. And it was nice to hear all of the staff really cheer on their fellow team members and visitors when they did something well and it does provide a great atmosphere.

Hatchet Harrys staff

One thing I’m still unsure of when it comes to Hatchet Harry’s is the name. What’s the origin?! I couldn’t see any confirmation but I can only assume that it’s in reference to the character of Hatchet Harry (played by P. H. Moriarty) in the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Hatchet Harrys caters to groups of all sizes so whether you are looking to head down as a 2 or all the way up to 60+, this isn’t an issue, just let them know when booking.

Hatchet Harrys Aberdeen

It could be a really great option for parties, stag dos, hen dos, birthdays, you name it.

Even better, and I know that this is probably a question that a lot of people would have, it is suitable for anyone aged 8+, so I think it could really be a great birthday party option for younger kids.

And with that in mind, safety is, of course, top of the list of priorities! The Hatchet Harry staff take safety precautions very seriously. So, no open toed shoes!

I would highly encourage everyone to give it a go, just once! You never know, you might find a new calling..at the very least, have some fun!

Go check out Hatchet Harry’s as one of the newest things to do in Aberdeen.

How much is Hatchet Harrys Aberdeen?

Hatchet Harrys costs £19.99 per person for a 90 minute session during the week and £24.99 per person on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Hatchet Harry’s Axe Throwing Aberdeen

Hatchet Harry’s
22 South College Street
AB11 6JX

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