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Choosing which hotel to book can feel like a mammoth task and with so many options out there, where do you begin? Do you look at the area, the hotel, the room, the cost, local amenities? It can quickly become overwhelming.

This is one of the reasons I love to write hotel reviews as we have booked, we have stayed and we can hopefully provide some impartial insight for any potential future travellers.

When booking a hotel for visiting Stockholm in Sweden I have to say that we were incredibly unorganised. We tend to look at hotels shortly after booking flights, swept up in the excitement of some time away but for some reason, we booked our hotel in the city only a week or so in advance. Luckily we were visiting over winter and didn’t foresee any issues in doing this for the dates that we were travelling but I would advise booking at least a couple of weeks beforehand to avoid disappointment.

As we have come to expect from our Scandinavian friends, the styling was key. Everywhere you looked the hotels were so stylish; contemporary and modern but with a laid back more traditional feel. Where no one of any age or gender would feel out of place yet there were different aspects on offer to suit and appeal to all tastes.

After looking through many of the hotels available we chose to book the Mornington Hotel Stockholm which is based in the popular Östermalm district in Stockholm city and we chose the hotel mainly for this location.

We felt that this would be a good centre point for us as it was close to the Östermalmstorg metro station which is only 150 yards walk away and could connect us with different areas, it was within walking distance of shops, parks and restaurants yet slightly away from the tourist hotspots such as Normmalm, Gamla Stan and Södermalm.

Arriving At The Hotel

Mornington Hotel Decor

The hotel was very easy to find upon arrival to the metro station and for us, this is in thanks to the convenience of having maps on our phones but I think we would have managed without as it was almost a straight line right to the door. As we were visiting on a city break, we did not have an awful lot of luggage which was just as well, as I said, we travelled during winter and I had never experienced so much snow. Which is incredible and far more manageable and easier to navigate than us Brits have been led to believe!

As we arrived at the hotel (and this is something you will find when entering almost any building in Stockholm), you step into this glorious air of warmth. It’s probably more notable when coming in from the cold but it is instantly welcoming, comforting and as a perpetually cold person it was a welcome relief. The cold and snow outside is beautiful and such an experience, it feels as though you have stepped right onto the set of a Christmas movie but for me, the warmth is the best feeling.

We received a warm welcome from the extremely friendly staff, checked in with no issues and took a couple of moments to look at our surroundings. The Mornington Hotel reception area reminded me of a lot of many other boutique hotels that we have visited and I thought it to be a little like CitizenM. It felt like an affordable luxury and as much as I don’t like to presume that everyone will speak English when travelling, I am aware that this may be a concern for many travellers but I felt that the staff at the Mornington Hotel were fluent in English and we had no issues with communication.

The Room

Mornington Hotel Room
Keen to settle into our room we took the elevator up to our appointed floor and made our way to our room. We opted to book the ‘superior room’ for our stay which includes the free breakfast buffet, free wi-fi, desk, sofa and free use of the health club and fitness center.
One thing that was new and a little surprising to me upon reaching our room was to find that the doors open out the way which although a little unexpected, made sense as the entrance to the room was quite narrow and I believe that this is quite common as many Swedish apartments can have smaller entryways. We found this no issue, especially with our coats and luggage space immediately to the side of the door and it did provide some extra room for which we were thankful.
My feelings were that the room was a little more basic in decor than I had expected from my initial view of the reception area but it had more than everything that we needed for a comfortable stay and perhaps those were just my own feelings being projected as having expected a little more flair based on the style of the communal areas but I certainly had no disappointment with the decor or what was provided.
Despite having quite a lot of furniture in the room, there was still enough space to manoeuvre without feeling as though you were tripping over things. Although in hindsight, I wouldn’t say that the need for a sofa and desk was necessary for us for the time that we spent there but it is nice to have the option.

Tea and coffee making facilities were available within the room, bottles of water and there was a safety deposit box for the keeping of personal items and documents. Along with this, there was air conditioning, tv with access to international channels, a selection of books which I presume are books that have been left by previous hotel visitors and there are also some lovely toiletries available in the bathroom.

I think the bathroom was my favourite feature in our room. It was really nicely decorated with tiled floor and a large vanity area and although it was a wet room, which is not my favourite type of bathroom (and this was certainly no exception as it was a little messy from the waterfall when needing to re-enter the room after a shower) but the shower was powerful and easy to operate.

The view from our room looked onto the hotels’ inner courtyard. Due to the snow, this was not in use at the time that we were visiting but I can imagine that this is a nice and popular outdoor seating area in the warmer months.

When it came to sleeping at the hotel, the beds were very comfortable in my opinion and the room was warm throughout the night and we did not have any issues with this. In fact, it was a real advantage as it meant that our coats dried quickly from the days’ activities. I would say that the mattress was medium-firm for sleeping which is a little harder than I would like but I did not wake up with any sore joints or stiffness and I felt well-rested.

Mornington Hotel Room Desk

Hotel Facilities

As previously mentioned when talking about Mornington Hotel in Stockholm, it has its own fitness centre and health club which is available for use by guests but also a small number of private members and includes some machines, freestanding weights and sauna. While we did not use this during our stay, I think it’s a nice added touch to have the use of this included in the cost of your stay as I would have loved to have used the sauna when returning from those cold walks at night. Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t thought to take any swimwear when packing!

The entryway of the hotel was one of the first selling points for me due to the mid-century modern decor when looking at Stockholm hotels. Mid-century modern styling is something that I love in my own home and something that I also love to see elsewhere as I think it can really pull a room together if done well, so I love to see inspiration.

The seating areas of the main entrance is surrounded by a rich warmth, soft lighting, lots of wonderful and aesthetically pleasing coffee table books to flick through along with touches of art decor and accessories. This is the kind of hotel entrance, with soft leather and rich velvet seats that you would happily want to spend some time in. Especially if the weather outside appears too cold to be wandering the streets.

If you follow this walk around towards the bar and eating area you will see how much this hotel opens up. There is much more to see than what you may initially expect when stepping into the reception.

Breakfast Offerings

Food Area

As part of your hotel booking at the Mornington Stockholm, breakfast is included in the cost of your stay which is a great way to save some money while travelling. While this is not usually something that we take advantage of, instead choosing to experience as many of the recommended eateries as we can find, we did have breakfast at the hotel on one of the mornings and were pleasantly surprised by how many food options were available.

The breakfast is of a cooked and continental style and served by buffet method. While I chose the pancakes with Greek yoghurt and berries along with some fruit, chia seed pot and tea to drink, Peter chose a cooked breakfast and both were more than happy with the number of options available to us. Almost too happy to continue eating if that’s any indication, that’s the danger of a good buffet breakfast!

Breakfast at Mornington Hotel

Overall Thoughts

Mornington Hotel Hallways
Mornington Hotel Lobby Area

Personally, I think that although the Mornington Hotel is close to Stockholm city center, I would class this four stars hotel as being better suited towards adults and couples as I did not see any entertainment for children.

When it came to the room rates, we searched for the lowest prices available over the dates that we were to visit and booked through and this was the most trustworthy of the reviews that we could find before visiting. We were also given several options when it came to the rooms which I find helpful as I like to see pictures beforehand, as I’m sure that many of you would too!

All in all, I would highly recommend a stay at this property if visiting Stockholm as we felt safe, relaxed and extremely comfortable during our stay and would be more than happy to stay again.


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