Where To Stay In Los Angeles: The Line Hotel Review

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Los Angeles is huge. And I know people say it’s huge, but really, it’s HUGE. If you read my post about things to do in Los Angeles, you’ll already know this.

That means that there’s a heck of a lot of choice when it comes to finding accommodation in the city. There must be thousands of hotels to pick from, so where do you start?

After much searching and deliberation, we decided to book into “The Line” hotel in Koreatown and I definitely think that we made the right choice.

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Seat at the Line Hotel
Roy Choi book at The Line

After arriving in Los Angeles and hopping onto the purple metro line, we made our journey to the Wilshire/Normandie Station.

We were ready to get our bearings and figure out how to get to the hotel once we reached street level, with google maps in tow, but thankfully The Line Hotel greeted us right across the street.

The first thing you’ll notice is the huge piece of art emblazoned across the side of the building, just one of the many street art pieces you’ll find nearby.

The location was definitely a major plus point and boosted our confidence of getting around the city via the metro and made exploring Los Angeles a breeze.

The Line Hotel Koreatown

Stepping in through the door to the main reception area you can’t help but have your eyes wander.

Over to the right of reception you’ll find Poketo, a small boutique shop selling trendy design oriented homewares and stationary. A notepad lovers dream.

To the left of reception was Pot, just one of the places in the hotel you could grab a bite to eat, although I believe Pot has recently transitioned into another eatery along with the former Commisary, the main restaurant up by the pool area.

We never had the chance to try out either of these on our trip so can’t comment on how the food was. There’s just so much choice available in Los Angeles that we spent most of our time exploring all the food the city had that we can’t get at home.

Checking in and heading up to our room, the first thing we noticed as we walked through the corridor of the tenth floor was the design of the interior, or almost the lack of it.

Hallways at The Line

It has a stripped back industrial feel that may not be to everyone’s tastes but definitely made it one of the most unique places that we’ve stayed.

Views from room at The Line Hotel

Opening the door to our room for the next two weeks, the first thing you notice is the incredible view from the ceiling to floor windows which look over the top of the city and towards the Hollywood hills.

Although as much as you can see out, be aware that people can just as easily see in.

If you squint close enough in the photo you can just about make out the Hollywood sign and the Griffith observatory.

The bed is positioned directly facing these giving you a completely unobstructed view that was a dream to wake up to and a nice backdrop to look over the twinkling city at night.

We did pay a little extra for the pleasure of these views, but I think you’ll agree, it was totally worth it.

To the back of the bed was a large concrete desk, also being treated to the same views.

Off the main room was the bathroom which was decorated with lots of tiling and brass pipework keeping with the industrial feel of the rest of the building.

The Line Hotel Room
The Line Hotel Bathroom

After dropping our stuff and putting our feet up for all of five minutes it was time to explore the rest of the facilities on offer.

Heading down the elevator, we hopped off at the second floor and found ourselves immersed in a fantastic greenhouse like building filled with hundreds of green plants surrounding all the tables of the second restaurant in the building.

The Line Greenhouse Restaurant
The Line Hotel Restaurant

Just outside of the restaurant was the swimming pool area, which was pretty quiet and although we didn’t really spend any time at the pool, it looked like a fantastic place to chill and watch the world go by from the elevated position over the street below.

Swimming Pool at The Line hotel

Almost everything you lay eyes on in the hotel just oozes “trendy”, not even sure if trendy is a cool word these days but hey.

We stayed at the hotel for just under two weeks and loved every minute of it and also exploring the area of Koreatown that we were staying in.

What’s nearby?

The Line hotel is located in Koreatown which is known for being a 24/7 area of bars, karaoke clubs and eateries meaning that we didn’t have to worry too much about jetlag and not having anything to do.

Venturing around the area we spotted plenty of different places to go for food that were really quiet during the day, but came alive at night with queues out the door and valet parking in the small car parks for sports cars the like I’ve never seen in the UK.

McLarens, Bugattis, you name it they were there.

The Korean grills are a must do when staying here. Basically you cook your own meats on a tabletop grill and it’s such a fantastic experience that you genuinely have to try.

The Line is also on the same street as one of the main tourist attractions in the city, Urban Lights. Although on the same street, don’t forget that LA is huge and this street literally cuts right through the entire of the city, so it’s probably a good 20 minute Uber ride away but definitely worth visiting at night.

Why should you choose The Line?

The beds were extremely comfortable, the staff were super friendly and there wasn’t a peep heard from the other guests, although there are apparently a lot of DJ nights during the week so if you’re closer to the lower floors, you may be more susceptible to hearing them party until the early hours.

We couldn’t fault the hotel in the slightest. It’s located in a great area for getting around with plenty of great food choices within walking distance and the views are to die for.

Why wouldn’t you choose to stay here when visiting the United States?

Check latest prices: Hotels.com | booking.com.  | Address: 3515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

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