Aunty Bettys Stonehaven

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It isn’t often that an ice cream shop, especially set here in the cold of Aberdeenshire, can gain such a cult following that people are willing to travel out of the city just to get some but that’s the influence that Aunty Bettys has!

Aunty Betty's

Aunty Bettys is a lovely local business in Stonehaven which sells sweets, ice creams, hot drinks and a lot of dog-friendly treats as well!

You can always be guaranteed to see a queue formed outside, no matter the weather and that is in part thanks to their wonderful menu and variety of toppings. The Aunty Bettys menu changes often but there is always a great selection to please both adults and children, including some fun flavours like Kinder Bueno, blood orange sorbet, Drumstick, salted caramel and even sticky toffee.

All ice creams come with the option of toppings and these definitely go down a treat with visitors. Whether you want your typical flake and sprinkles or choose the more popular addition of gummy sweets to top your ice creams.

There are also some vegan ice cream options too for those that are wondering.

The shop itself is quite small and has no indoor seating. It is facing the promenade and has some outdoor seating which is lovely, especially on a summers day although admittedly, can be a little bit of a cold wait on those more blustery days!

Inside, you can find a selection of sweets, both modern and some of those old favourites that I remember from my childhood and I think most of us love a little nostalgia!

Ice cream from Aunty Bettys

But it’s not just ice creams and sweets on offer, there are also sundaes, milkshakes, some puddings and of course, hot drinks! I highly recommend their hot chocolates, although I do more frequently order a nice coffee if I need to keep my hands warm!

And not to forget the pups, they also have a selection of ice creams and biscuits for your dogs. These do come in at a lesser cost and I think is a really lovely touch to add. Although I don’t have a dog myself, is noticeably popular when waiting to order. You see a lot of happy dogs around the doors of Aunty Bettys!

Now, I will say that it’s quite pricey, with one scoop costing around £4 all the way up to £7 for 3 scoops. Whether you choose a tub or a cone is up to you but I can imagine that this cost can add up quite quickly for families. I think it’s a lovely treat but perhaps something to be aware of.

Another very popular sweet and ice cream shop in Stonehaven is Giulianottis who also offer a wide variety of flavours along with some vegan options.

Aunty Bettys Stonehaven is next door to another popular eatery in the town, The Bay Fish And Chips and if your appetite is big enough, go very well together as a main and dessert!

Aunty Bettys Opening Hours

12-9 pm each day

Any changes to opening hours are detailed on their Facebook page.

Aunty Bettys Address

Aunty Bettys
The Promenade
AB39 2RD

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