The Bay, Stonehaven

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A visit to The Bay Fish and Chip shop Stonehaven is the perfect way to finish off a day trip to this popular seaside town and I always think it’s something nice to look forward to when visiting!

The Bay Fish and Chips is located on the beach promenade and is an award-winning takeaway that has certainly made a name for itself here in the North East of Scotland. And when it comes to Stonehaven fish and chips, The Bay is up there as a tourist favourite, along with The Carron.

We often associate the beach with fish and chips, so a premise on the waterfront is the perfect position for any chip shop in my opinion, and better yet, it’s right next door to another popular Stonehaven haunt, Aunty Bettys ice cream shop!

The three go hand in hand. That is the beach, chipper and ice cream shop. If the weather is forgiving (and sometimes even when it’s not), it’s lovely to sit on the beach and enjoy a treat, whether that’s fish and chips, ice cream or both. Personally, if I can manage, it’s always both.

Because of this, you can almost guarantee that there will be queues outside no matter the weather! And I have to say, it’s worth the wait!

Aunty Betty's & The Bay

Best Fish and Chip Shop in Stonehaven?

The Bay prides itself on serving locally-sourced, sustainable fish and chips. They have found their winning recipe combinations and they stick to them, so you can expect the same quality and taste on each visit.

When it comes to The Bay menu, I often see a lot of things that I don’t see elsewhere and it gives the impression of bridging that gap between a takeaway and a restaurant. You can order restaurant-quality food and some slightly more unique options to the average fish and chip shop, but for a slightly lesser cost than dining in and of course, more convenience.

As always, you can pick a standalone item or a supper (with chips, for those that aren’t from Scotland) and you can choose fish (battered, breaded or baked), burgers, puddings, sausage, chicken, macaroni pie or even a chickpea fritter.

If like me, you have a smaller appetite, they do offer the option of smaller portions. I rarely see this on menus and usually, just ask for a smaller meal so it’s helpful to see what is on offer for this in its own section. It’s also a good £3-4 cheaper for the smaller portions, which I can imagine would make a big difference to some people, especially if ordering for families and often see a lot of waste.

When it comes to the cost, I think it’s maybe a pound or so more expensive than the usual. Around the £8 mark for fish and chips and around £6 for sausage and chips.

Oh, and if you ever fancy making some at home, you can always buy packs of the bespoke batter in-store! I don’t know if other chip shops do this, it may be quite common but it’s the first time that I’ve seen it and I think it’s a great idea.

Another thing that I love about The Bay, is that you can order online. So if the sound of queueing doesn’t sound appealing, you can always pop through an order and simply collect at the hatch when it’s ready.

I know you can order from a couple of other places on JustEat or Deliveroo but I’m yet to have a successful experience when it comes to fish and chips so I would recommend this click-and-collect if you can!

The Bay Fish and Chip shop’s opening hours

Closed Monday, Tuesday
Open until 8 pm daily

The Bay Fish and Chips
Beach Road
AB39 2RD

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